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Stageplate ®

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of stage components which can be quickly built up or taken down? Then you have come to the right place at Stageplate. We are specialized in lightweight, ergonomic stage elements.

Our products are self-manufactured, enabling us to have direct contact with our clients. Therefore, we can always work in a client-focused manner and offer customized products. As an innovative supplier of stage components, we have developed our products to accommodate a quick buildup and as little storage space as possible.


Stageplate is awarded the TÜV certificate for stage components.

Stageplate® stage systems once started as a project to make stage elements weigh less and grew to be a full-fledged stage system in 2012.
Naturally, both weight saving and safety aspects are always kept in mind.

The basic Stageplate® stage element is the handiest among stage elements.
Equipped with a lightweight floorboard, this element weighs approx. 24 kg and has a load capacity of 500 kg/m2 and a matte black anti slip top.
Specially developed for quick assembly and as little storage space as possible, it also had to be compatible to other systems.
Always flexible by offering custom solutions, customization is the specialty.
All work is done under our own management. If necessary, the end-user can have direct contact with the producer, and, if needed, we take measurements on location. That’s our idea of client-focused work.

Connecting has also become stronger and lighter, by abandoning breakable cast alloys, and opting for extrusion profiles; strong, unbreakable, flexible and again, weight savings of 40% on the clamp.
The connection clamp can also be used for the attachment of accessories such as barriers and stairs. In addition, the clamp has an integrated “leveler”, which levels out the stage floors.
The profile is suitable for attachments of Velcro for the stage skirts, the seams close without any problem where no stage skirt is attached.

For increased safety, a strengthened profile has been developed and the corner connection has been additionally strengthened, so that an open corner connection does not exist. Also, the leg connection clamp made out of re-enforced aluminum is therefore a better corner connection. Stage legs made in compliance with TÜV requirements, of thick walled aluminum.
The Stageplate® telescope legs are also made according to specifications, thoroughly secured and yet stageless adjustable telescopic legs which can support a minimum of 900 kg. per leg and at a 20º angle.

Our statistical calculations show that we can build up to a height of 200 cm.
As we wanted this to be substantiated and the only European accepted institute is the TÜV, we decided to invite them to test our material.
For certification, to keep safety under control, Stageplate® was tested by TÜV-Thuringen for 750kg/m2 up to 100 cm and for 500kg/m2 up to 140 cm floor height. In addition to the materials, our work process was also meticulously studied.
The ultimate objective of developing a high-quality product was successful by obtaining the TÜV certificate on April 1, 2015.
With a Stageplate® stage system, you choose safety, service, and client-focused solutions.

Stageplate ® : THE supplier of stage components