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Stageplate ®

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of stage components which can be quickly built up or taken down? Then you have come to the right place at Stageplate. We are specialized in lightweight, ergonomic stage elements.

Our products are self-manufactured, enabling us to have direct contact with our clients. Therefore, we can always work in a client-focused manner and offer customized products. As an innovative supplier of stage components, we have developed our products to accommodate a quick buildup and as little storage space as possible.



A stage element quickly weighs approx. 33 kg. Our stage elements weigh 21 kg and are always water resistant. Please compare the weight of your water resistant stage element with a stage element equipped with a StagePlate and you will notice that your stage element is 2x as heavy!

Podiumbouw Drechtsteden (stage constructor) is an importer of Stageplate stage systems, Stagemobil stage vehicles, and we also sell H.O.F. alutec Truss. You can find the materials that we sell in our rental assortment.  You have come to the right place for stage repairs, we only make repairs with original parts. We are also engaged in product development, that is how StagePlate was created, which reduced the weight of stage elements by 30-50 %, an employee-friendly working condition action, which simplifies working with stages.

Traditional stage element weighs approx.42 kg.
StagePlate stage element weighs approx.21 kg.
Weight savings21 kg.

You carry it all with you unnecessarily and you do not have to.


• Always water resistant, no distinction between inside and outside.
• Shorter assembly time, cost savings on labor.
• Employee-friendly working condition, less sick leave.
• Less chance on overloading • saves fuel, many kilos less to transport.
• Long lifespan.

The new stage floorboard also fits your element!
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Stageplate ® : THE supplier of stage components