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Stageplate ®

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of stage components which can be quickly built up or taken down? Then you have come to the right place at Stageplate. We are specialized in lightweight, ergonomic stage elements.

Our products are self-manufactured, enabling us to have direct contact with our clients. Therefore, we can always work in a client-focused manner and offer customized products. As an innovative supplier of stage components, we have developed our products to accommodate a quick buildup and as little storage space as possible.

Stage clamps

Stageplate® stage clamps.
Our newly developed stage clamp is light, ergonomic, practical, and strong.

Lightweight, the newest Stageplate® stage clamp is 50 % lighter than the old cast zinc stage clamp, therefore handier, and easier to transport.

Ergonomic; the new Stageplate® stage clamp has an ergonomic shape, the beveled nose positions itself in the appropriate groove, causing the uneven stage elements to correct themselves to make a level floor.

Practical; the new Stageplate® stage clamp is practical because of its ergonomic design, and the clamp is easily mounted without the assistance of tools. This results in shorter assembly and disassembly times

Strong; the new Stageplate® stage clamp is strong, doesn’t break, and can also be used as a handrail clamp.

Stageplate ® : THE supplier of stage components