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Stageplate ®

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of stage components which can be quickly built up or taken down? Then you have come to the right place at Stageplate. We are specialized in lightweight, ergonomic stage elements.

Our products are self-manufactured, enabling us to have direct contact with our clients. Therefore, we can always work in a client-focused manner and offer customized products. As an innovative supplier of stage components, we have developed our products to accommodate a quick buildup and as little storage space as possible.

Stageplate Stage Elements

This basic Stageplate® stage element is the handiest among stage elements.
By mounting the interchangeable legs (available in various lengths) with the quick adjusting tension screw, it can be used everywhere.
Equipped with the lightweight floorboard, this stage element weighs approx. 22 kg.

The Stageplate® aluminum frame is designed in such a manner, that the various accessories can be easily attached, such as, stage skirt, stairs, railings, rostrum etc.

The stage elements can be connected by means of the supplied coupling hooks, or with the specially designed aluminum stage clamps if extreme stress is expected.

Securing and detaching the legs/telescopic legs to the Stageplate® leg attachment corner piece, designed by us, is a piece of cake. Furthermore, the square and round legs (of 50x 50 mm, round 50 mm, up to 60 x 60 mm and 60 mm) also fit in this multifunctional corner piece. The clamping of the legs happens manually with a turning knob and a pressure plate. The construction height without diagonal strengthening is permitted up to 200 cm (statistically calculated).

Technical information

Standard dimensions 200 x 100 cm.
Stackable height 95 mm.
Other dimensions are available on request.
Floorboard 22 mm, several styles are available.
Floor load TÜV 750 kg/m2 (Floor height 100 cm).
Weight approx. 33 kg (dependent on the type of floor board)
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